Curriculum Overview

ArtsAnywhere contains 32 courses in Dance, Media Arts, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts, and Cross-Disciplinary studies. Each course in ArtsAnywhere is composed of 90 modular lessons that have been designed to provide the student with multiple ways of learning the lesson’s objective(s).


Each course comes with an original, complimentary online textbook written specifically to accompany the course. Like the online lessons, each complimentary textbook is modular so that one section of a textbook teaches the same learning objective(s) as its corresponding online lesson. At any point in the lesson, the student can access the entire course textbook, or just the section that corresponds to that online lesson.


ArtsAnywhere has been designed so that students and instructors can use the courses on any device with the Internet such as computers, tablets, or even smartphones!


All lessons are completely modular, and the material can be reorganized to a different order within a course, interchanged between courses, or combined to build a completely new course. Instructors can also use the content of any ArtsAnywhere lesson to supplement lesson plans they have developed independently.


All lessons in the curriculum are designed to be media-rich and interactive so that students actually experience the arts and don’t just read about them.


ArtsAnywhere was designed for use in any traditional, online, or blended learning environment. All courses have been designed so that they can be used as additions to an existing online curriculum, as a way for a school to enhance its existing on-site or online course offerings, as part of a homeschool curriculum, or just about any other way that an instructor can think of! Students and instructors both benefit from the incredible versatility of ArtsAnywhere.


The Single-Sign-On learning management system for ArtsAnywhere integrates seamlessly with other learning management systems that a school may have in place. The ArtsAnywhere curriculum content can also be exported into a learning management system, if that's a better option for a school.


All courses in ArtsAnywhere are aligned to the National Core Arts Standards and have been designed specifically to allow easy alignment to any other set of standards that might be required by a state, a school district, or other regulating organization.