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The Mission of ArtsAnywhere

The mission of ArtsAnywhere is to provide a rewarding, educational experience with the arts for any student in any type of learning environment.

Why Do We Need Arts Education?

Arts education continues to be a vital part of 21st century learning. The student who is innovative in art lessons today may be tomorrow’s innovator in the lab. Problem-solving skills, communication skills, and creative thinking are just a few of the benefits of an arts education that will serve students well as they become lifelong learners.

What is ArtsAnywhere?

ArtsAnywhere works in any classroom. Created by a team with decades of experience in education and curriculum design, ArtsAnywhere is motivated by the belief that affordable arts education should be available to any student, anywhere.

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The ArtsAnywhere Experience

ArtsAnywhere offers students, instructors, and parents each a unique and rewarding experience. Find out more about why ArtsAnywhere is right for you and your students.